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The Phi Ruler 2.0 Inspiring Version – Sketching with Golden Ratio


The Phi Ruler is BACK!

The Phi Ruler was first launched on Kickstarter in 2019 and we were so grateful that we had more than 900 backers supporting our project and delivered worldwide. Last year, we were honored to achieve the Golden Pin Design Award 2021 and we had several crowdfunding campaigns in  Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. In these 2 years, we received many great comments and feedback from our customers - they wish to have a transparent version for beginners to sketch. So, here we are to introduce our Phi Ruler 2.0 Inspiring Version.

What is golden ratio?


 φ The golden ratio is a common mathematical ratio equal to 1.618 to create harmony and structure. It is easy to be observed in nature i.e. ferns, flowers, seashells, even hurricanes. It's also believed that the Golden Ratio has been in use for at least 4,000 years (or even earlier) in human art, design, and architecture, from the Pyramids in Giza to the Parthenon in Athens; from Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel to Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Nowadays, the golden ratio helps designers to organize better art composition and inter-layout spaces on a proportional and calculated design, which are widely applied on posters, printed adv., UI & UX design, website design and logo design etc.


Phi Ruler 2.0 Inspiring Version 
An ultimate design tool for anyone at any level


Phi Ruler is a multi-functional ruler that is designed to make sketching handy in seconds.


Phi Ruler is a multi-functional ruler that is designed to make sketching handy in seconds with golden ratio theory. After the successful launch of Phi Ruler 2 years ago, our team wants to create something for beginners or those with no sketching experience. Phi Ruler 2.0 is an inspiring version to make drawing become easy and handy, to let people enjoy drawing and get to know more about sketching. With the same feature, Phi Ruler 2.0 is also a useful tool in creating printed design, Typography design, product and logo design, architecture and interior design.


What's NEW?


New Functions


In this time, we developed a new outfit for the Phi Ruler. The ruler has 2 styles - transparent version and Bauhaus primary colors (red, blue, and yellow color) with 3 different sizes.


When Bauhaus Color meets Golden Ratio: The Importance of Shapes and Colors Inspired by Kandinsky's design, the redesign of Phi Ruler added the primary color of Bauhaus style, which shared the same theory of Golden Ration to create harmony compositions.
The dynamic relationship of different shapes and primary colors are color-shape associated and symbolize stability and freedom from creativity. The mixture of red, blue and yellow creates a warm medium.

Design Concept - Golden ratio grid lines 


Marked on the phi ruler, the golden ratio grid lines are designed for harmony design creation. We can sketch any linear lines, shapes and forms. This implies mathematics, product design, interior and architecture.


LC4 Chaise Longue designed by Le Corbusier, 1928


The golden ratio sketching is able to imply on product design i.e. design chair and luxury fashion accessories.


Philip Johnson's Glass House, completed in 1949. The golden ration implies on each divisions of the glass house, including windows, front doors in overlapping rectangles shapes.

Features of Phi Ruler 2.0 Inspiring Version


The golden circles - The philosophy of spacing and form

Golden Circles can be applied to designs on all kinds. It is very easy for you to draw a curve and perfect circle with presentable proportioned shapes and patterns of golden ratio. This practice helps you to make decisions about spacing and enhance visualization of the design to reality.  


Phi ruler allows designers to sketch 12 sets of circles, further enhancing different ratios of geometry and polygon.


2. Super easy to sketch

Sketching is a good start for every design. The transparent design is very easy for anyone at any level to sketch curves and straight lines. It’s very easy to sketch a little bird or advanced patterns such as "Flower Of Life", Platonic Polyhedra and Metatron's Cube.


Golden triangle and Fibonacci spiral


A Fibonacci spiral starts with a rectangle partitioned into 2 squares. By bisecting one of the base angles, a new point is created that in turn, makes another golden triangle.The bisection process can be continued infinitely, creating an infinite number of golden triangles, forming an equiangular spiral. A philosopher René Descartes, also known as Father of equiangular spiral, once said "If a straight line is drawn from the pole to any point on the curve, it cuts the curve at precisely the same angle". 

Dynamic Geometry: Euclidean Egg


The GeoGebra shows a an interactive model, a step-by-step compass construction of an egg shapes, "Euclidean egg" (Basic Blackwell Limited, written by Robert Dixon)

By using the phi ruler, it is very easy to sketch advanced patterns such as "Flower Of Life", Platonic Polyhedra and Metatron's Cube


The Flower Of Life created by 13 circles in a proportioned ratio. The pattern also contains the three dimensional metatron cube, which further enhance the building blocks of Platonic solids.

The Golden Ratios of the Parthenon


The famous building is made of duplicated basic construction of a golden rectangle, which formed by each metope and triglyph set across the building. It is very easy to sketch one of the most famous ancient building with our Phi Ruler.  


Elevation of Parthenon in the ‘PHI’ of the mathematician

easy 2-71.jpg

3. Three sizes to choose


Different sizes of Phi Ruler are convenient for sketching. We have 3 different sizes for you to sketch from small pieces of paper to A3 paper. It's handy to draw on any scale from a tiny bird to an ancient building in any paper 


4. Elastic & Durable materials


phi ruler is designed with a durable and sustainable PVC for lifetime usage. The elastic material allows the user to bend slightly to draw and sketch in a comfortable way. We have spent 9 months considering every detail of the phi ruler. Everything from the sizes, colors to materials has been discussed and evaluated. These rulers are very portable and would be handy anytime. We hope that our phi ruler will become your lifetime personalized stationery.

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